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Yu Chi Machinery Co., Ltd was established in 1992. Since then, we have been focusing on manufacturing high quality automatic strapping machines for the packaging industry and trading companies in Taiwan.

Our founder, Mr. James Chan, has been in the packaging industry for more than 30 years, and is well respected as “Mr. Chan” in the industry in Taiwan. Mr. Chan and his brother founded Sundipack in 1985, and with his exceptional knowledge and experience, he started his own business, Yu Chi Machinery Co., Ltd in 1992.

In 1995, our company developed the first ever 5mm narrow strap automatic strapping machine in Taiwan, and have this model successfully showcased in the 1996 Interpack in Germany. Over the 4 years between 1996 to 2000, we have received and fulfilled more than 2000 orders for our different model of machines.

In 2005, Yu Chi Machinery again became the pioneer in the industry by applying the Servo Motor in automatic strapping machines, which results in the popular AM-650 model machines. In 2007, our machines become CE certified and in the same year, we successfully obtained the Verification of EMC Compliance from SGS.

On top of that, we own the following patents with our products –
Patent No: 218224 Feeding guide improvement inside the pool
Patent No. 218225 Strap guide improvement inside Arch
Patent No. 185954 Feeding / Re-tracking roller new idea

For the last 30 years, Mr. Chan is highly respected for his expertise, determination and tireless commitment to improve his products with new technology. High quality and good services becomes a signature of Yu Chi Machinery’s products.

Ready to take things to another level, UGPACK is being rolled out as the new brand of our high quality automatic strapping machines. At UGPACK, we believe in quality and we have high standard and processes to ensure consistant quality of our machines. We are resolute in our ambition to make UGPACK the new standard of automatic strapping machines.

Unique. Genuine. New Brand. Better Service.