Our Promise – Reliability and Durability

LatestNews2014Sept (September, 2014) German’s stability. Japanese’s rigorousness. American’s innovativeness. These are the inspiration we rely on to produce every single UGPACK strapping machine. Reliability and Durability are the main features of our machines, which we believe are the most important features required by every dealer and customer. Please join us to build a great team together. We believe by adding a new line of our superior quality products and services to your catalogue, it would bring you lots of new opportunities.

Strapping Machine At Its Best

LatestNews2014Aug (August, 2014) Martial arts at its best – it is the spirit. You don’t see it, you feel it. Handcrafted tea at its best – it is the aromatic after-taste. You don’t taste it, you adore it. Strapping machine at its best – it is the smooth and crispy feeding sound. You don’t use it, you trust it. UGPACK Strapping machines are the ones that you can trust. Reliable is our promise. Contact us to schedule a test run and we guarantee you will find it worthwhile.

Proudly from Taichung

New Slide 5 (July, 2014) On the top of the famous red soil, in the central region of Taiwan – Taichung, there found a special gourmet – a simple, yet true taste of nature. With the best flour you can import from Japan, the freshest organic dairy you can import from New Zealand, and the tangiest pineapple you can find in the Taichung region, there is a bakery that bakes the extremely popular Pineapple Cake which you just cannot resist. On the same piece of land, there also found a series of high quality strapping machines. With the high-technology Driven Belts and Photosensors that imports from Japan, and the superior parts produced in Taiwan, there is UGPACK – lead by Mr. Chan’s 30 years of experience – who produced a series of superior quality Servo Drive High Speed strapping machines.

Interpack 2014 was a success!

LatestNews2014May (May, 2014) UGPACK at Interpack 2014 was a great success! With very limited time for preparation, we managed to showcase our products in very limited space to the packaging industry and received very encouraging comments from our peers and customers. It was a great opportunity to meet with the industry leaders from different countries like Japan and Germany, and to exchange experience and ideas with them really gave us inspirations to further improve our already solid strapping machines. Again, thank you very much for visiting our booth at interpack 2014. We take every conversation with you seriously, and will learn from this experience. Three years from now, we will be at the interpack again to showcase our better, faster and more economical strapping machines in a more spacious environment. See you in May 2017!

Interpack 2014

(April, 2014) Meet us at Interpack 2014! With 50 years of history, Interpack, which take place every three years, is the most important trade show for the packaging sector. This year, UGPACK will take this great opportunity to showcase our flagship strapping machines, the AM-650 and AM-600AB. To see the unique and genuine features of our strapping machines up close, please come visit our booth at Interpack 2014. We are located at Hall 13, E14-3. We look forward to seeing you at the Interpack! Interpack 2014